Our multi-year partnerships with NYC public elementary schools provide interdisciplinary dance arts and literacy instruction to students in PreK to 5th grade. We serve Title 1 schools lacking arts and physical education resources. Our student populations include nearly 100% people of color and recent immigrants.

Through dance education, children are able to build age-appropriate dance skills and confidence, learn to collaborate with their peers, and create an environment of structure and routine.

Partnerships in Literacy through Dance and Creativity

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Our transformative dance and literacy program is integrated with students’ classroom curricula. Studies indicate that the program has a positive impact on our students’ state math and reading test scores and positively reinforces their social and emotional learning.

The program includes:

  •  16 dance lessons with an MDD Teaching Artist
  • Up to 5 team meetings with classroom teachers and educational paraprofessionals
  • A classroom teacher-facilitated dance journal writing program
  • An end-of-program sharing for parents and the school community.

Professional Learning Program


Every year, our faculty participates in a Professional Learning Program to enrich their dance, teaching, and analytical skills.

MDD’s innovative Trauma-Informed Teaching Series Fall 2018 included guest facilitators led by Dr. Mery Diaz: Susan Pope,
Doreen Miranda, and Candance M. Crawford.