Mark DeGarmo Dance (MDD) is a not-for-profit tax-exempt 501(c)3 charity dedicated to Education, Performance, and Intercultural Community.

Our mission integrates three focal concerns: Educate underserved New York City communities, especially children, through Dance Arts; Create, perform and disseminate original dances, artistic and scholarly work; and Build intercultural community.

Our vision is to enliven bodies, shift perspectives and change lives.

We believe that: 1) Creativity is a human birthright. 2) All humans are learners who benefit from the arts and dance. 3) Dance and arts teaching and learning, when integrated throughout the daily curriculum, support the achievement of multi-dimensional excellence through public education.

For 30 years and grounded in Mark DeGarmo, Ph.D.’s transdisciplinary scholarship and artistry, we have provided interdisciplinary dance and literacy education to at-risk underserved New York City public school students in Title 1 schools. Nearly 100% of the up to 1,000 students we serve annually live under the USA poverty rate. Our seven-year, grades PreK-5 “Partnerships in Literacy through Dance & Creativity ©” program combines dance, writing, and the elementary school curricula. We have also provided after-school programs for kids via our MoveUP! Dance Academy.

We create, perform, and disseminate Mark DeGarmo’s range of solo and group work locally, nationally, and internationally. Our intercultural community includes our supporters, cultural center, neighborhoods we serve, and cultural diplomacy.