MDD provides an innovative and nearly singular research-based education program. We are committed to ongoing assessment and evaluation of our educational outcomes on students’ multidimensional achievement.

We have a proven track record for delivering high-quality programming and contributing benefits to society, the community and the individual.

A three-year scientific study with students in Grades 1-3 measured:

Improved academic performance

Math scores for students in MDD programs (Grades 1-3) were unexpectedly higher than those in a control group without the benefit of our program.

Improved classroom behavior

Research shows that student behavior improves in school after their MDD dance class.

Improved writing

Research shows that MDD students write more and with better use of vocabulary, grammar, and punctuation when writing in their dance journals.

Improved teaching skills

Teachers partnering with MDD report improved teaching and classroom management skills as a result of MDD programs.

Increased participation from parents

Principals report higher rates of engagement with parents of MDD students at school events.

Success outside the classroom

Four times as many of our graduating 5th grade students with up to six years of MDD dance experience were recruited for a Broadway-theater based summer scholarship program than were recruited from other schools. That program then supported our PreK-5 students through high school and with assistance for college entrance.