The Clemente Open Studios

As part of The Clemente’s Open Studios over two days in May 2016, Mark DeGarmo performed one of three works from his solo program at a different time either in MDD’s Studio 517 or the Abrazo Interno Gallery. He expanded his 10-minute “The Metrics of Awakening” to a 60-minute solo movement installation in MDD’s Studio 517. He performed the 30-minute ”A Happening: Raymond Duncan’s Art/Work Theories” with biting social commentary. He also performed “Whoever You Are” with live music performed by Chris Riffle and Jimi Zhivago.

In May 2015, Mark DeGarmo debuted the three-part “Whoever You Are (Meditations on Walt Whitman)” in the Abrazo Interno Gallery. The dance is comprised of three meditations on Walt Whitman, with music by singer/songwriter Chris Riffle and bassist Jimi Zhivago.

Joyce Weinstein Art Salon

Mark DeGarmo was invited by USA visual artist Joyce Weinstein, widow of sculptor and painter Stanley Boxer, to perform for invited guests at her home in New York’s Hudson Valley in September 2015. Boxer created the sculpture choreographer Erick Hawkins used in his work “Classic Kite Tails.” DeGarmo’s program included: “The Metrics of Awakening,” “Whoever You Are (Meditations on Walt Whitman),” and “A Happening: Raymond Duncan’s Art/Work Theories.”