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A natural lover of music and movement, Busola began formal dance training in her hometown of Sacramento, California. Training in Classical Ballet, Jazz, Hip-Hop and Contemporary, she eventually took her passion to Los Angeles where she met Artistic Director Robyn Gardenhire and began teaching, training and performing with the City Ballet of Los Angeles. Busola has a diverse professional background in education that includes overseas and domestic language instruction in primary and secondary schools, higher education administration, and dance arts education. In Brooklyn, Busola has established herself as a budding entrepreneur. She is founder and Artistic Director of SoL-I Movement; an organization that aims to provide career advancing resources to dance and performative art practitioners. Equally, she is the creator of the monthly digital dance magazine, SoL-I Magazine. Busola is a versatile artist committed to her journey and furthering the continual growth and dissemination of movement, arts, language and culture.