Our original artistic works celebrate the rich cultural diversity of our global societies and provide a platform for cultural diplomacy and exchange. We have garnered awards, honors, and acclaim for our performances and scholarship.

For over 30 years, Mark DeGarmo has created and produced over 100 performances and 28 international tours in 12 countries across Latin America and Europe.

Las Fridas

Las Fridas PerformancePhoto2_Dec17_LAJamesPhoto

“Las Fridas” is a 60-minute, 16-section duet choreographed and directed by Mark DeGarmo. It is a love letter to Mexico, an offering to painter and revolutionary Frida Kahlo, and a celebration of Kahlo’s life and artwork.

Salon Performance Series


Mark DeGarmo curates a showcase of original artistic works-in-progress of DeGarmo and colleagues with a facilitated audience response portion for which it is known.


Solo Work

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Mark DeGarmo is refining a set of transdisciplinary solo works, highlighting a range of theatrical styles and genres: drama to comedy and abstract to literal. This one-man show combines concert dance, music, theater, performance art, athleticism and clown. It investigates Western artists Walt Whitman and Raymond Duncan. “The Metrics of Awakening,” “Whoever You Are (Meditations on Walt Whitman),” and “A Happening: Raymond Duncan’s Art/Work Theories” make up the 60-minute program.