We are committed to our work in New York City’s public elementary schools that are under-served in dance, arts, and physical education. We believe that all students deserve an education that is arts and dance-enriched, collaborative, appropriately challenging, emotionally supportive, and affirming.

Dance and arts teaching and learning, when integrated throughout the daily school curricula, support students’ multidimensional achievement. Our “evidence-based” dance and literacy model helps support the growth and achievement of young people from economically challenged backgrounds.

Students with nonverbal, kinesthetic, and nonlinear learning styles require different teaching approaches. Our interdisciplinary dance and literacy approach provides experiential education that involves movement and critical reflection through guided discussion and journal writing.

We have a proven track record for delivering high-quality programming. Research studies have shown improvement across our students’ academics, emotional and social learning, self-confidence, creative problem-solving, writing, vocabulary, and physical well-being.


MDD’s Community Reach: