Our multi-year partnerships with NYC public elementary schools provide interdisciplinary dance arts and literacy instruction to students in PreK to 5th grade. We serve Title 1 schools lacking arts and physical education resources. Our student populations include nearly 100% people of color and recent immigrants.

Through dance education, children are able to build age-appropriate dance skills and confidence, learn to collaborate with their peers, and create an environment of structure and routine.

Partnerships in Literacy through Dance and Creativity

Small child dancing with his arms over head and a smile on his face.

Due to COVID-19 and government regulations, we are currently working with our partner schools online and virtually to continue to bring the benefits of dance and movement into our students’ lives.

Our transformative dance and literacy program is integrated with students’ classroom curricula. Studies indicate that the program has a positive impact on our students’ state math and reading test scores and positively reinforces their social and emotional learning.

The program includes:

  •  16 dance lessons with an MDD Teaching Artist
  • Up to 5 team meetings with classroom teachers and educational paraprofessionals
  • A classroom teacher-facilitated dance journal writing program
  • An end-of-program sharing for parents and the school community.

To learn more about our Education program and opportunities, please contact: info@markdegarmodance.org.

Professional Learning Program

Four people standing together with arms around each other’s backs.

Every year, our faculty participates in a Professional Learning Program to enrich their dance, teaching, and analytical skills.

MDD’s innovative Trauma-Informed Teaching Series Fall 2018 included guest facilitators led by Dr. Mery Diaz: Susan Pope,
Doreen Miranda, and Candance M. Crawford.