In the week preceding our annual Dance for Dance fundraising event, we present a series of exhibitions and performances to showcase our students, classroom teachers and teaching artists.

Publishing Party of Student Dance Journals

A selection of work from students’ dance journals is displayed. In their drawings and written reflections, students reveal the powerful impact that dance classes have on their expressive abilities. Parents and school communities are invited to celebrate their students’ achievements and creativity. Impact includes students’ understanding and presentation of themselves as published authors, exhibited visual artists, and performing dancers and choreographers. Students and family members from different schools interact with each other for the first time and with members of MDD’s community.

Classroom Teachers Performance Salon

Classroom teachers are invited to use the salon venue to display their creative work, whether visual, written or performance art. Impact includes supporting the professional artistic development of our partner NYC Department of Education PreK-5 educators.

Teaching Artists Performance

Teaching Artists are invited to perform their own choreography-in-progress. Impacts include facilitated audience feedback about creative works-in-progress and assistance developing new audiences and marketing and fundraising skills.

Salon Performance

Mark DeGarmo curates a special salon highlighting invited guest artists. Impact includes: providing a forum for audience feedback about the artists’ creative questions to strengthen their new works, deepening the public’s understanding of an artistic creative process and their role as audience members, and advancing the fields of dance and performing arts in New York.