“We have, you know, students who are new to the country, who do not speak the language, who are able to connect with this learning better than any other. Because there’s movements attached to the vocabulary.”

-Classroom Teacher, Flatlands, Brookyn

“It was one of the most involved and immersive virtual experiences that I’ve ever observed and partaken in. It was like you were really here within our class, because you paid so much close attention to our students and their abilities and their names.”

-Classroom Teacher, Jamaica, Queens

“My Assistant Principal, who was dancing in the hallway, she said the same thing. What you provided was phenomenal.

-Classroom Teacher, Jamaica, Queens

“With movement, you’re putting a lot of feelings into it, and you’re feeling relieved. And I think every kid should do that, because you’re putting all that anger and that sadness into moves… and it’s just taking it all out.”

-5th grader, South Bronx

“Dance is not just dance. Dance is movement that you make happen.”

-4th grader, South Bronx

“My body just feels so excited when I dance.”

-1st grader, Jamaica, Queens

“Dance is a way to talk, when you can’t. When you’re afraid to talk. When everyone tells you you’re funny, you’re weird… when the music comes on, everyone is the same.”

-Parent, Lower East Side

“The whole of the Mark DeGarmo Dance company, I would say that this is phenomenal. They have brought out the best in our children.”

-Principal, Bedford-Stuyvesant

“When the music is on people dance for all sorts of reasons: to mourn, to celebrate, to heal, and to give thanks.”

-3rd grader, Lower East Side

“In my opinion, it’s just a way to advance yourself. Like right now with the final showcase, I’m going to miss it. I really like it. I’m going to miss it a lot.”

-5th grader, Lower East Side

“When we’re all pulling each other, we’re fighting. We’re struggling for our rights to not be harassed. It feels like we’re all different and we’re all unique in our own way, but we should all be treated the same. So we’re struggling. We’re fighting to change the world around us.”

-5th grader, Bedford-Stuyvesant